Tuesday, April 1, 2008

IP Enforcement Joke Of The Day

Those jokers over at Public Knowledge, the digital rights public interest group, had their own bit of April Fool's Day fun earlier today.
They issued a press release slamming a piece of fictional legislation that would, among other things, set up a Department of Intellectual Property Security and extend copyright protections.
As the group's president, Gigi Sohn, noted in a statement that perhaps gave the game away: "This bill is a tragedy wrapped in a travesty. It is also a travesty wrapped in a tragedy."
But Public Knowledge wasn't just having a laugh, apparently.
As Sherwin Siy, an attorney with the group (pictured), explains in a follow-up post on his blog, "a lot of the provisions we included in the fake bill were modeled after real proposals made either by legislators, content industry lobbyist, or other policymakers."

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