Monday, January 26, 2009

Rock Band Frontman Lays Into Washington Lobbyist Father

News that obscure band Silver Jews has split up may not mean much to most, but frontman David Berman used the moment to launch an outspoken attack on his father.
The man in question is Washington lawyer/lobbyist Richard Berman (pictured), who is known for his work on behalf of various business interests.
That's something Berman Jr. isn't so happy about, according to the tirade he posted on a Silver Jews messageboard and reported by the likes of Billboard.
Son gives it to father with both barrels, describing him as "a despicable man," "an exploiter," and "a scoundrel," among other things.
He suggested that his reason for splitting the band was because he feels a need to counter-balance the work of the elder Berman.
"This winter I decided that the SJs were too small of a force to ever come close to undoing a millionth of all the harm he has caused," David Berman wrote.
His views on his father seem to mirror those of groups like Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which even has a site devoted to the subject.
The two men have apparently been estranged for a while.
Richard Berman was not immediately available for comment.

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Maz said...

This means you're two degrees of separation away from Stephen Malkmus, right?